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I love My Parents

I love My Parents

Having parents is one of the biggest gift  given to us by Al-Mighty Allah. Without us realizing, they have been and will always be our best friends; the ones who will always love and care for us no matter when or what happens, mashallah! If you still have your parents around, be thankful and keep giving your love to them! However, if your parents have gone back to Allah, do not be sad! Allah promises that the Believers will be reunited with their parents in Jannah (Paradise) later, inshallah. Here are some very basic ways for children to treat their parents:

1. The most essential duty of a Muslim child (no matter how young or old you are!) is to show kindness and respect towards his or her parents. This can be in a form of many things; from kind words to warm hugs! In fact, Allah has commanded us to be kind to our parents in Al Quran Al Karem, so it’s an important duty that must be taken seriously.

Related verses from the Quran:

Bismillaah ir rahman ir rahem

♦ “Your Lord has ordained that you must not worship none but Him, and that you must be kind to your parents” [Al-Isra 17:23]

♦ “And worship Allah and do not associate anything with Him and be good to the parents…” [An-Nisa 4:36]

♦ “We have advised the human being, ‘Be kind to your parents’” [Al-Ankabut 29:8] 
Related hadith:

• Narrated by Ibn Mas’ud (r.a): “I asked the Prophet (pbuh): What is the most beloved deed in sight of Allah, the Almighty?” He (pbuh) said: “Offering salat in due and prescribed time.” I then asked: “What is next?” He said: “Kindness to one’s parents.” I further asked: “What is next?” He (pbuh) said: “Jihad for the cause of Allah” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

2. Parents are to be treated like Kings and Queens; hence we as daughters or sons should always speak nicely and generously to our parents! And don’t forget to smile whenever you speak to them (yes, even if you’re on the phone! 

Related verse from the Quran:

Bismillaah ir rahman ir rahem

♦ “Whether one or both of them attain old age, do not express to them words which show your slightest disappointment. Never yell at them but always speak to them with kindness.” [Al-Muzzamil 73:4]

3. Give EXTRA love to your mama! Mothers deserve fine and awesome treatment, for they have borne the child’s burden during pregnancy, has undergone birth pains, sacrificed her own comfort to her children, so many others!

But this doesn’t mean you should ignore your fathers! They too, are super awesome, so both parents must be treated with much respect.

Related hadith: 

• Narrated by Abu Hurairah (r.a): “A person came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: “Who among the people is most deserving of my fine treatment?” The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Your mother”. He asked again, “Then who?” The Prophet (pbuh) replied, “Your mother”. He asked again, “Then who (is the next one)?” The Prophet (pbuh) replied “Again, is it your mother” He (again) asked “Then who?” Thereupon the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Then it is your father” [Al-Bukhari & Muslims] 

4. Don’t wait for special occasions to show your appreciation towards your loving parents! There are many ways to show your appreciation to them; like giving flowers, free back massage, cards, cook their favorite food, and many many others (within your capability and creativity!) And remember, every time you do, do it with the right “niat”, and full with sincerity. In the end you’d just want to please Allah and make your parents feeling joyous :)

5. The best way to treat your parents is to continuously make dua’ for them! Make dua’ in your prayers or sujud, whenever you thinking or missing them, or even the times when they are in your presence. May Allah bless our beloved parents and grant them Paradise, amin!
“Rabbi-r-hamhumaa ka-mma rabbayaa ni sa-ii-ra”
Dua’ for parents in the Quran:

♦ “Be humble and merciful towards them and say, ‘Lord, bestow Your Mercy upon them as they cherished me in my childhood’” [Al-Isra 17:24] 

6. Whenever you feel like it, tell your parents without hesitation: “I LOVE YOU!” *heart*

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